How To Tell If Motivational Speakers Are Who They Claim To Be

    By / August 12, 2016

    We at motivational-speaker-success.com believe that people do not become motivational speakers just by claiming to be one. People usually assume that those who have something to share are already qualified to join the ranks of motivational speakers. There is actually a line that exists which separates those that are truly speaking to motivate, and those who are speaking to simply inform.

    So, how would you know if you truly are among those considered true motivational speakers?
    What is it that you need in order for you to actually be considered as one?

    Good SpeakersSome people would say that they simply made a business card and they became one. However, listening to their speeches would not motivate you in the least. Although there really is no general guideline on what we can consider as motivational speakers, there are some things that truly define one as such.

    We have compiled this simple list of things that make real motivational speakers which you can ponder on.

    • They get people into acting on what they have learned.

    Speakers also act as teachers, and as such, telling the audience what they need to know is only half of their job. A true speaker who motivates also makes the audience realize that the information that has been shared with them is not just something that they can forget after they leave the venue. Rather, the information that has been imparted to them is a tool which they can use to make their lives better.

    • They make their speech about their audience, not just about themselves.

    Sure, a speaker that is there to motivate might have been given that position in order for him to tell his story, but that is not everything. If a speaker truly motivates, he goes out of his way to tell the story of each of his audience. This means that he relates his experiences to the people listening to him. He empathizes, and he motivates the audience by telling them that he understands what they are going through.

    • They make their speeches an experience.

    When a speaker begins his speech, it is not just a matter of passing on information from him to the audience. A speaker who can motivate is a speaker that makes his speech into an experience that the audience will not get from any other source.

    • They motivate.
    Guest SpeakersWhen a client asks for a motivating speech, they are not asking for a subject matter expert. They are not expecting anyone who would be able to lecture them on a specific topic. They do not want someone who is just an expert on his profession, if the criteria is to motivate. They are looking for an energetic and charismatic individual who would be able to elicit emotions and encouragement from the listeners. A client that looks for a speaker who can motivate is looking for a character who can make people stand from their chairs and start doing something positive with their lives. A real speaker who can motivate is someone who can entertain and impart a message with a big impact.

    • They put themselves on the same ground as their audience.

    There are people who claim to be motivators who put themselves above the audience by subliminally implying that they have overcome a lot of obstacles and are now in a position higher than their audience due to their experience. This is wrong in so many ways. A true speaker that can motivate understands that his experiences are lessons, and that these are merely tools that he can use in order to make his audience relate to him and to make them believe that he has been through the same things as they have been.

    • They walk their talk.

    A speaker who motivates should be a person who is approachable and, in general, inspiring and motivating regardless if he is on or off the stage. There have been speakers in the past who can be really mean when they are not giving a speech. You should not be one of those if you plan to motivate people and encourage them to be better.

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