An Overview Of Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are the combination of the qualities of a fairway wood and an iron. These clubs are extremely versatile and can be used either from the rough or off the fairway. Ever since it was introduced in the market, hybrid golf clubs have been gaining popularity amongst golfers from all nations. Many golfers now use hybrids in replacement of one or more clubs in their bag. We know every golfer will want to know more about this latest craze and so we have come up with this guide for us all to learn about the outstanding features of hybrid golf clubs.

Features of a Hybrid Club

Although a hybrid requires a great sweeping swing than conventional irons, it offers a higher trajectory, as well as less distance which many golfers are in favor of. The face of a hybrid can be compared to an iron. It is flat so it makes it easier strike the ball in a square. It is also hard which increases your potential for more distant shots. A hybrid has a round head and a broad sole feature that which helps in getting more ball loft on a single swing. This way, you can make rounded swings even with slow swinging speeds.

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Hybrid clubs are typically of the same length or a bit longer than iron and are shorter than woods. Their shafts are similarly thick as iron’s which leads to less club twisting at impact and improve accuracy compared to wood shots.

Reasons to Use Hybrids

The development of hybrids revolutionizes the golf club industry to the point that the standard eight or nine iron set of clubs is extremely threatened. Hybrids combine all the best characteristics of both fairway woods and long irons in an attempt to cancel out the weaknesses of each. Throw in one or more hybrids into your bag and you will see why many golfers are getting hooked with these clubs.

• Long Irons Replacement

The long irons have for some time been regarded as the sturdiest clubs used by most novice golfers. Novices didn’t really have a choice to replace these clubs, which have cost them numerous shots so distant from the green. But now, they have an alternative in the presence of hybrid clubs. Since many players discover that the hybrids are easy to use, more and more are now replacing up to 6 long irons in their bags.

• Fairway Woods Replacement

Golf Iron SetsFairway woods have heavier heads, more shafts and more extensive soles. For this reason, novice players of every generation have had a hard time manipulating this type of club. But with the hybrids being now made available on the market, most players have started expanding their sets or completely replacing up to seven woods in their bags with these lighter and easier-to-use clubs.

• Roughness

One of the challenges golfers face are the tall grasses. With their additional control and weight, hybrids are an impeccable option for hitting more distant shots out of these rough areas. Hybrids have a sharp edge at the front which slices through the tall grass. Then the mass at the rear helps the golf ball back in the air at a rate that only a faultless shot with a long iron or fairway wood could create.

• Forgiveness

Since the shaft of a hybrid club is shorter than the standard fairway wood, it can be controlled more easily. These are all combined to increase the possibility of hitting the sweet spot and launching a high, straightforward shot at the target. This makes things simpler for every golfer, whether novice or professional.

Hybrid Clubs

• Creativity

Hybrid clubs have created a new region of shot-making that did not exist before. Even on professional tournaments, you will see experts cutting with their hybrids. The flat, wide sole of the club makes the “chili dip” almost impracticable. The low ball loft then makes the ball roll on the green faster than other golf clubs. Of course, you will want the ball to keep on rolling until it goes down into the target hole.

Why not go ahead and try these incredible shots yourself?

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Written by Andre Hanson