The Printed Circuit Board: Making Advanced Electronic Devices Possible

By / May 6, 2017

One technological innovation that probably most people possess, yet are very likely to be oblivious of is the printed circuit board. Indeed, various devices people use every day, including phones, washing machines, cars, television sets, remote control units, and of course, computers and handheld connectivity devices, use some kind of printed circuit board to make everything work together.

Perhaps, people would be less perplexed if they came across the term “mother board,” since they know somehow that laptop and desktop computers have these things.

Printed circuit board

Major Components Of Printed Circuit Board Are As Follows:

However, do they know what a mother board is, and what it does?After removing a few screws and popping open their own computers, anyone can easily have a look at one of these circuit boards and realize that it is the rectangular plate made of resin or some such material upon which all the major PCB components of the computer are attached.

It will be easy to locate the main processing chip and see how it is attached to the board, and how various connectors on the board link the system up with hard drives, optical drives, data and network ports, speakers, video circuits, power supplies, and just about everything else the computer needs to make the entire system function as a single unit.

A closer inspection of this board will show that it does more than mount all the components, as it also allows them to interact with each other electronically. A circuit pattern traced in a conductive material like copper runs throughout the board, connecting each device and electronic components like capacitors, resistors, transformers, diodes, microchips and transistors, switches, and others in a purposively designed layout.

In fact, this printed circuit board is like a miniature counterpart of a wiring layout of a large city, with the thin copper surface serving the same purpose as wires; thus, one soon realizes that the fast and simple answer to the technical specifications of an electronic device, such as “dual core” or “i7 processor”, only describes the power and capability of the central processing unit or main chip of the device, but does not do justice to the design of the device, itself.

The design challenge of using the processor efficiently and effectively, with greater reliability and lower failure rate and with the best power usage and cooling configuration, is incumbent on the design layout of the printed circuit board created for the specific device.

Strictly speaking, anyone with some rudimentary understanding of electronics might be able to take pen and paper, and design a circuit diagram for mounting a few transistors and accompanying components on a board to build a simple audio amplifier device. He can then draw or transfer this design with a masking pen on the copper-covered side of a piece of store-bought copper clad board, etch the copper away with the use of an appropriate solvent like ferric chloride, remove the masking to expose the copper, and have his very own custom-designed circuit board.

After drilling holes in the specified spots, he can then mount and solder in all the necessary components and proudly show off his own home-built amplifier. The complexity in design required in highly advanced electronic devices like computers and smart phones, however, make it virtually impossible to design circuit diagrams for the microprocessors employed in such devices without the aid of dedicated layout software and specialized electronic design automation tools.

Printed circuit boards

Actual production of these boards also involves extremely complicated and costly industrial processes that are far beyond the reach of the home hobbyist of yesteryear. This is the reason why the creation of printed circuit boards for the highly demanding technology of today becomes the exclusive province of large electronics manufacturing companies and contract manufacturing firms that specialize in these processes.

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Benefits Of Military Coins To Business

By / January 22, 2017

Originally, military coins are created to boost the morale of the members of the military during the First and Second World War and the Civil War. Challenge coins were used to confirm the identity of military servicemen and verify their affiliation to a certain unit of the US military. According to some stories, challenge coins were able to save the lives of some soldiers.

Military challenge coins are normally made from metals such as bronze, silver, gold, brass, and platinum. In general, the motto, emblem, or logo of the organization is imprinted on the coin. Challenge coins are also used in recognizing the rank of a military officer and they are normally given to a promoted military member. Moreover, these coins are given as an award for bravery and exceptional performance. In some instances, these coins are awarded exclusively for being a part of a challenging and complex military mission.

These days, military coins found some uses outside military units. These coins are now used by small and big companies to boost morale and symbolize camaraderie of their employees. They are also commonly used by non-profit and civic groups.

For organizations that face difficulty in motivating their employees and strengthening their brand, it is time for them to consider creating custom challenge coins.

Military Coin

Here are some of the benefits that they can get from these coins:

Brand Recognition

Companies can give out military challenge coins to their existing and potential customers. In the past, military coins have been used for an election campaign. Challenge coins can easily be displayed that is why they are great items for advertising and boosting brand recognition. These coins are excellent tools that may increase company and brand awareness.

Better Employee Performance Because of Recognition

A lot of successful companies truly understand how to make their employees feel valued. Appreciating and recognizing an excellent job is the key to the success of a lot of companies. Sometimes, it is not enough for employees to get a good payment. It is also essential to recognize their great performance and hard work in small ways.

One way to do this is to give them custom military coins whenever they display an exceptional performance. For instance, if a sales agent of the company has surpassed his monthly sales target, the management can let that agent know that his work is appreciated by giving him a challenge coin.

Recognizing the hard work and sacrifices of the employees would highly benefit the business. Market analysts believe that satisfied employees are equivalent to having more production and more profit. They also tend to be more creative than unhappy employees. When employees are happy, they will make the clients happy, and when this happens, business will do well and thrive.

Military Coins

Team Building

If the team members of a certain organization are not united and are not proud to be a part of that organization, then the company can give them limited edition challenge coins in order to build team spirit and solidarity. The company can create the design in a way that they will feel a sense of pride from their association with a team. These coins will surely bring honor to the employees.

If the company has an elite team with employees who are top sellers, then they can be given specialized military coins created only for this team. This will definitely boost their morale and make them do their best to still be a part of this elite team. If employees have high morale, they tend to be happier with their job and they become more productive. Moreover, they will have high-quality output.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Backings for Patches

By / September 30, 2016

Patches are used to be made, given and worn solely to signify ranks and accomplishments, or make one’s identity or belongingness to a group obvious. The classical examples of groups or units that have long been using this are the military and boy scouts. In the military, different patch designs are attached to each infantryman’s uniform to denote rank, group and designation. On the other hand, in the boy scouts, a patch is usually given to an individual as a substitute for trophy or medal after he accomplishes a significant task or reaches a specific goal.

However, as time passed by, patch usage became broader. It is no longer used exclusively for formalities. In fact, especially for the teens, wearing a patch is now more often done to improve aesthetics. Because of this, there has been a constant increase in demand for custom patch. Subsequently, patch manufacturing also improved to suit every man’s taste and reason for wearing this accessory. Of the many developments in patch making, perhaps one of the most important is the invention of different patch backings.

Traditional Sew-On Patch

Technically, this choice is not a backing option per se because you do not need a special backing to sew a patch over a garment. This patch is the most popular nowadays. In fact, most of the patches made today are still in this traditional form – the embroidered design is put on an ordinary twill. The twill kind of holds the patch embroidery and acts as the material wherein one can sew on a piece of clothing for attachment.

Custom Patche

Of all the backing options, the sew-on patch is the most durable of all. It is permanent, meaning it can still cling to where you attach it even after multiple washes, given that the sewing is done properly. However, this permanence also acts as the patch’s downside. Because it is sewn, you cannot easily remove it, especially if you intend to wear it only once. Also, it should not be attached to precious pieces of clothing as the sewing will actually damage the somewhat valuable material of the garment.

Iron-On Backing

This kind of backing is made to attach to a garment via the application of heat. The heat from an external source, usually an iron, causes the backing to react and stick to the clothing underneath.

Patches that are ironed-on are not permanent. It may withstand a few wears and washes but after some time, its adhesion will weaken. Because of this, it is best to attach an iron-on patch only to clothing items worn occasionally or those that do not need frequent washes, like bags or caps. Also, a disadvantage is that this backing is not suitable for certain types of materials. Because of its application procedure, some materials, like leathers, silks or spandex, will actually be destroyed when subjected to extreme heat even for a few seconds.

For its advantage, you can easily attach this kind of patch in a matter of few seconds. Our iron-on patch only requires a maximum of thirty seconds of heat stress before it becomes fully secured to where it will be attached.

Tape Backing

Patches that are tape-backed are the most temporary option of all. Our special adhesive can make the patch cling to almost all types of materials. However, it is only recommended for short time and short span wearing as it cannot withstand washing or extensive mobility. If patch permanence is required, this is not the ideal option. This choice is only good for those quick cloth designing and costume fixes needed for sudden Halloween parties or any other costume gatherings.

Velcro Backing

Custom Patches

Patches with Velcro attachments are great selections for those who like to change the design of their garments frequently. With Velcro backing, one can easily attach and remove the patch when he pleases. For this reason, different patches can be interchangeably put on a same spot, depending on one’s mood or the event he is going to, without hassle. Another advantage of this is that the actual patch, which holds the embroidered design can be removed before washing, thereby minimizing its tendency for deterioration and fading due to water damage.

However for its disadvantage, Velcro attachment is not that secure compared to other patch backing types. It is somewhat loose and its sticking ability may even worsen with frequent removal and putting on of the patch.

Button Loop

For obvious reasons, a button loop patch is not permanent. It is only usually intended for awarding ceremonies wherein the patch is hung to the recipient’s button or lapel pin. The patch thereafter is commonly framed or displayed and never worn again.

The main advantage of this kind of backing is that it is not invasive to the garment where it will be attached. Because the patch will only be hung, needle punctures, heat application, or adhesive damage will be avoided.
When opting for buying or customizing one’s own patch, it is not enough that only the design should be thought upon thoroughly. Surely, the design gives the patch its own character, but aside from its form, one should also not forget its function so the proper kind of patch backing can be chosen.


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How To Tell If Motivational Speakers Are Who They Claim To Be

By / August 12, 2016

We at believe that people do not become motivational speakers just by claiming to be one. People usually assume that those who have something to share are already qualified to join the ranks of motivational speakers. There is actually a line that exists which separates those that are truly speaking to motivate, and those who are speaking to simply inform.

So, how would you know if you truly are among those considered true motivational speakers?
What is it that you need in order for you to actually be considered as one?

Good SpeakersSome people would say that they simply made a business card and they became one. However, listening to their speeches would not motivate you in the least. Although there really is no general guideline on what we can consider as motivational speakers, there are some things that truly define one as such.

We have compiled this simple list of things that make real motivational speakers which you can ponder on.

• They get people into acting on what they have learned.

Speakers also act as teachers, and as such, telling the audience what they need to know is only half of their job. A true speaker who motivates also makes the audience realize that the information that has been shared with them is not just something that they can forget after they leave the venue. Rather, the information that has been imparted to them is a tool which they can use to make their lives better.

• They make their speech about their audience, not just about themselves.

Sure, a speaker that is there to motivate might have been given that position in order for him to tell his story, but that is not everything. If a speaker truly motivates, he goes out of his way to tell the story of each of his audience. This means that he relates his experiences to the people listening to him. He empathizes, and he motivates the audience by telling them that he understands what they are going through.

• They make their speeches an experience.

When a speaker begins his speech, it is not just a matter of passing on information from him to the audience. A speaker who can motivate is a speaker that makes his speech into an experience that the audience will not get from any other source.

• They motivate.
Guest SpeakersWhen a client asks for a motivating speech, they are not asking for a subject matter expert. They are not expecting anyone who would be able to lecture them on a specific topic. They do not want someone who is just an expert on his profession, if the criteria is to motivate. They are looking for an energetic and charismatic individual who would be able to elicit emotions and encouragement from the listeners. A client that looks for a speaker who can motivate is looking for a character who can make people stand from their chairs and start doing something positive with their lives. A real speaker who can motivate is someone who can entertain and impart a message with a big impact.

• They put themselves on the same ground as their audience.

There are people who claim to be motivators who put themselves above the audience by subliminally implying that they have overcome a lot of obstacles and are now in a position higher than their audience due to their experience. This is wrong in so many ways. A true speaker that can motivate understands that his experiences are lessons, and that these are merely tools that he can use in order to make his audience relate to him and to make them believe that he has been through the same things as they have been.

• They walk their talk.

A speaker who motivates should be a person who is approachable and, in general, inspiring and motivating regardless if he is on or off the stage. There have been speakers in the past who can be really mean when they are not giving a speech. You should not be one of those if you plan to motivate people and encourage them to be better.

An Overview Of Hybrid Clubs

By / August 12, 2016

Hybrid clubs are the combination of the qualities of a fairway wood and an iron. These clubs are extremely versatile and can be used either from the rough or off the fairway. Ever since it was introduced in the market, hybrid golf clubs have been gaining popularity amongst golfers from all nations. Many golfers now use hybrids in replacement of one or more clubs in their bag. We know every golfer will want to know more about this latest craze and so we have come up with this guide for us all to learn about the outstanding features of hybrid golf clubs.

Features of a Hybrid Club

Although a hybrid requires a great sweeping swing than conventional irons, it offers a higher trajectory, as well as less distance which many golfers are in favor of. The face of a hybrid can be compared to an iron. It is flat so it makes it easier strike the ball in a square. It is also hard which increases your potential for more distant shots. A hybrid has a round head and a broad sole feature that which helps in getting more ball loft on a single swing. This way, you can make rounded swings even with slow swinging speeds.

Taylormade Golf

Hybrid clubs are typically of the same length or a bit longer than iron and are shorter than woods. Their shafts are similarly thick as iron’s which leads to less club twisting at impact and improve accuracy compared to wood shots.

Reasons to Use Hybrids

The development of hybrids revolutionizes the golf club industry to the point that the standard eight or nine iron set of clubs is extremely threatened. Hybrids combine all the best characteristics of both fairway woods and long irons in an attempt to cancel out the weaknesses of each. Throw in one or more hybrids into your bag and you will see why many golfers are getting hooked with these clubs.

• Long Irons Replacement

The long irons have for some time been regarded as the sturdiest clubs used by most novice golfers. Novices didn’t really have a choice to replace these clubs, which have cost them numerous shots so distant from the green. But now, they have an alternative in the presence of hybrid clubs. Since many players discover that the hybrids are easy to use, more and more are now replacing up to 6 long irons in their bags.

• Fairway Woods Replacement

Golf Iron SetsFairway woods have heavier heads, more shafts and more extensive soles. For this reason, novice players of every generation have had a hard time manipulating this type of club. But with the hybrids being now made available on the market, most players have started expanding their sets or completely replacing up to seven woods in their bags with these lighter and easier-to-use clubs.

• Roughness

One of the challenges golfers face are the tall grasses. With their additional control and weight, hybrids are an impeccable option for hitting more distant shots out of these rough areas. Hybrids have a sharp edge at the front which slices through the tall grass. Then the mass at the rear helps the golf ball back in the air at a rate that only a faultless shot with a long iron or fairway wood could create.

• Forgiveness

Since the shaft of a hybrid club is shorter than the standard fairway wood, it can be controlled more easily. These are all combined to increase the possibility of hitting the sweet spot and launching a high, straightforward shot at the target. This makes things simpler for every golfer, whether novice or professional.

Hybrid Clubs

• Creativity

Hybrid clubs have created a new region of shot-making that did not exist before. Even on professional tournaments, you will see experts cutting with their hybrids. The flat, wide sole of the club makes the “chili dip” almost impracticable. The low ball loft then makes the ball roll on the green faster than other golf clubs. Of course, you will want the ball to keep on rolling until it goes down into the target hole.

Why not go ahead and try these incredible shots yourself?

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HCG drops: Frequently Asked Questions

By / July 29, 2016

If it’s your first time to hear about HCG drops then you probably have a lot of questions running in your mind. Before you go ahead with this diet, here are the answers to most, if not all, of your questions.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body during pregnancy. Specifically, it is produced by the placenta. What does it do? To put it simply, the hormone is a glycoprotein that works by breaking down the fat stores of the mother during pregnancy to provide nutrients to the fetus via the placental vessels. This is a very important hormone and has a role in weight loss as well.

How can HCG drops help you lose weight?


These drops are now available as a slimming product. It works by decreasing your appetite and reducing hunger pangs. The hormone works by mobilizing the fat stores from the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs, enabling individuals on the diet to tolerate the low calorie meals. The diet comes with a strict limit of 500 calories per day which may be daunting at first but works wonders. HCG allows its users to subsist on these calories without even feeling hungry.

What does the HCG diet require?

If you want to lose weight fast and economically, without the injections and clinic visits, this is the diet for you. The HCG diet protocol must be followed strictly for best results.

The HCG diet requires a very restricted caloric intake of 500 calories per day for optimum weight loss, dieters can also take 1,200 calories and still lose weight when the diet is coupled with the drops. Caloric intake should be based on your body weight, metabolism, and daily activity.

Exercise is not required to lose weight but if you want to shed pounds faster, you can incorporate exercise into your program. Together with the HCG drops, exercise can speed up your weight loss and produce dramatic results. Another advantage of taking these drops is that they will reduce your hunger pangs and raise your energy levels.

Is it effective for both men and women?

HCG is safe and effective for both men and women. The hormone may be found in women but it doesn’t mean that this product is for females only. Since men have a higher basal metabolic rate, they will even lose weight faster with the use of HCG diet drops compared to women. It is also natural and, therefore, safe for use.

What is the daily dosage for the drops?

The formula is a homeopathic solution and is in liquid form. The bottle comes with dropper and the recommended dose is 10 drops of the solution under the tongue, 3 times a day. For best results, place the drops 30-45 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you start feeling hungry, you can put an additional dosage (10 drops). Still, remember that there’s a maximum of 6 doses per day.

How many pounds should one expect to lose with the HCG drops?

When the diet is followed strictly, 1-2 lbs may be shaved off in a matter of days. A caloric intake of 500 calories per day is the recommended protocol for the HCG diet. The drops and the diet go together in the process of burning fat and losing weight. As pointed out, exercise is not a must but can help a lot.

Where to buy?

HCG drops are readily available online or at your local homeopathic dealer or store. There is no need for a prescription to buy these products.

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